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IIJ Group's contributions to society

IIJ Group is committed to solve social issues through its business activities based on the philosophy of realizing a society in which people with diverse abilities and values can play an active role, and by leveraging the technologies that have led and supported the Internet in Japan. In addition, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society in which people can lead vibrant lives through initiatives that transcend the framework of our business activities.

Contributing to the future network society

Founded as the first full-scale Internet Service Provider in Japan, IIJ has been leading the Internet in Japan with its high-level technological expertise. We contribute to the development of the Internet industry as a whole through industry-government-academia cooperation, including our participation in technological communities in Japan and overseas. In addition, we are supporting the continued development of a networked society by pushing forward with the development of next-generation engineers leveraging the knowledge we have gained through our operation of the technologies and services that we have developed ourselves.

Development of network engineers at IIJ Academy

The Internet and network services have become ubiquitous. They have become essential parts of social and business infrastructure, and it is important that problems and shutdowns never occur. Further, access to a high-quality, highly reliable network is a fundamental condition for the continued utilization of increasingly diverse information processing technologies. However, the shortage of engineers supporting the stable operation of these network systems has been a major issue. In response, IIJ launched the IIJ Academy to develop network engineers as a project commemorating the 30th anniversary of our founding. The goal of IIJ Academy is the development of IT personnel with advanced skills who will support the foundation of the future networked society and the IT industry by providing opportunities to learn practical knowledge and skills based on the knowledge of Internet service development and operation that IIJ has cultivated since its founding.

APNIC's activities for developing the Internet in the Asia Pacific region

To support the popularization and development of the Internet in each region of the world, we implement initiatives beyond the framework of corporate activities. A typical example is the activities of Yoshinobu Matsuzaki from IIJ who is an Executive Council (EC) member of the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC). APNIC Executive Council (EC) serves as the governing board of APNIC. Through his activities as an EC member of the APNIC, he contributes to stable operation of the Internet in the Asia-Pacific region.

Disclosure of technological information useful to IT engineers

We share knowledge and the latest technological information gained every day by IIJ engineers through service development and operations sites with internal and external engineers. We promote the vitalization of the Internet technology community by actively disseminating information through IIJ Technical Seminars, which we began in 2003, as well as via owned media, such as Internet Infrastructure Review, a technical report journal, the IIJ Engineers Blog technology blog, and the IIJ Tech Channel, a channel on YouTube.

Learning visit program for students

IIJ welcomes students ranging from elementary school children to high school students, for learning visits to our head office. This program is aimed at deepening their understanding of the Internet. We implement activities for promoting an understanding of the history and mechanism of the Internet, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) business, and the job content of IT engineers.

Contribution to the safety and security of the Internet

While the spread of the Internet has made life and society more convenient, it has also led to problems that threaten companies and individuals, such as cyberattacks and the infringement of privacy using Internet technologies. At IIJ, we develop and train human resources and engage in awareness-raising activities based on the communication of information about security by capitalizing on our knowledge of the development and operation of the security services that we have been cultivating for many years. The goal of these activities is the establishment of a safe, secure Internet society.

Cyber investigator training support

The police in Japan have adopted a system under which engineers, including private business operators with advanced specialized knowledge about information and telecommunications technologies, are appointed as Cyber Security Advisors. The goal of this system is to improve knowledge in the area of cyber security. At present, Mamoru Saito from the Advanced Security Division of IIJ has been commissioned by the Kanto Regional Police Bureau, the Hyogo Prefectural Police, the Shimane Prefectural Police, and the Hokkaido Prefectural Police to be their advisor. He supports their cyber security measures by lecturing and training them from an expert perspective.

In addition, we train police officers in charge of cyber security measures at our Security Operation Center (SOC). IIJ SOC has established a unique training program for the development of security analysts. At IIJ SOC, police officers receive training and become involved in the operations of SOC. Thus, we help them acquire knowledge that is useful in their investigation of cyber-related crimes.

Provision of training courses at Black Hat USA, an international conference

Since 2018, members of IIJ's security engineer team have been lecturing at Black Hat USA. First held in 1997, Black Hat USA is one of the most prestigious and time-proven security conferences in the world. Our engineers are the first Japanese people to be selected to teach training lectures at this conference. They teach comprehensive exercise-based classes on the handling of incidents and other topics to security engineers from all over the world.

Letters of gratitude presented to our security engineers

Takeshi Imai from the Technology Department of the IIJ Kyushu Branch and Hiroshi Suzuki from the Advanced Security Division were presented letters of gratitude from the Japan Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (JPCERT/CC),(*) a general incorporated association, in recognition of their contribution to activities in the cyber security industry.

  • (*)JPCERT/CC is a general incorporated association that receives reports on computer security incidents in Japan, including hacking and denial of service attacks via the Internet, supports the handling of these incidents, finds out how they occurred, analyzes the tactics used, considers and advises people on measures to prevent their recurrence and provides other support from a technical perspective with the goal of mitigating the damage cyberattacks do in Japan.

Contribution to activities protecting privacy

IIJ has joined the Japan DPO(*) Association as a board member to support the privacy data protection activities of Japanese companies by leveraging IIJ’s knowledge of privacy protection legislation around the world, including Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In addition, as a training provider certified by the Japan DPO Association, IIJ has established the IIJ Privacy Training, a DPO Association certified education program to develop privacy protection personnel, from December 13, 2022.

  • (*)DPO: Data Protection Officer. DPO are officers responsible for data protection. The GDPR requires that companies fulfilling certain requirements have a DPO.

Contributing to the enrichment of society through arts and culture

IIJ has continued to help promote culture and arts and contribute to local communities through classical music for many years. These activities include the co-sponsorship of Spring Festival in Tokyo, which is held every year mainly in Ueno, and the hosting of Twilight Concert in Otemachi, Tokyo. We also work to distribute high-quality videos and music, including the live streaming of 4K video and high-resolution audio content using the latest streaming technologies to deliver improved music experiences to more people than ever before.

Co-sponsorshipand video streaming support for Spring Festival in Tokyo

Spring Festival in Tokyo, which is co-sponsored by IIJ, is one of the largest classical music festivals in Japan. It is held at Ueno Park every spring. It was first held in 2005 as Tokyo Opera-no Mori (Tokyo Opera Forest) to showcase new opera productions from Japan for the world. In 2009, when it was held for the fifth time, the event was renamed Spring Festival in Tokyo. The festival includes many concerts held at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, including the Wagner Series, orchestral performances, and performances by artists who are active in Japan and other countries. It also includes the Museum Concerts held at art and other museums. In addition to supporting this music festival together with local shops and many companies, IIJ also supports content distribution on video viewing site and the system operation of ticket sales sites.

Twilight Concert

First held in 2008, Twilight Concert is a free concert hosted by IIJ in cooperation with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and Spring Festival in Tokyo. Performances are held in the Otemachi business district under the theme of evening music, providing calming moments at the end of busy days.

Support for the Digital Concert Hall of the Berliner Philharmoniker Orchestra

IIJ has a sponsorship agreement with Berlin Phil Media as a streaming partner and supports the company’s “Digital Concert Hall,” a video distributing service for the Berliner Philharmoniker Orchestra. This portal provides approx. 50 regular performances every year, both live and on demand.

IIJ's Representative Director Koichi Suzuki selected as a Person of Cultural Merit for his activities supporting music

The Person of Cultural Merit is an honor that is granted to people who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement and development of Japanese culture in Japan. IIJ's Representative Director Suzuki has been striving to promote culture and arts for many years as the Executive Committee President of Spring Festival in Tokyo. He has also been working hard to promote support for cultural and art activities as a part of corporate social contributions. In recognition of these and other activities, he was granted the honor in 2020.

Contributing to building a society where anyone can play an active role with a smile

IIJ supports athletes engaged in activities hoping to be selected to compete in the Paralympics. We also support people facing a wide range of difficulties in society by co-sponsoring charity sports events and giving aid to people affected by disasters.

Support for the activities of wheelchair fencing athlete Takaaki Sasajima

IIJ has been supporting Takaaki Sasajima, a wheelchair fencing athlete who balances work and competition since 2016. After joined IJ as a new graduate, Sasajima was confined to a wheelchair due to a snowboarding accident, but he discovered wheelchair fencing after participating in an athlete discovery program sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. He was chosen to be a member of Japan's national team only one year after he became a wheelchair fencing athlete. As a member of the national development squad, he participates in tournaments in many countries, aiming to be selected to participate in the Paralympics.

While many athletes devote themselves solely to competition, Sasajima is engaged in work in the Corporate Communications Department, including the editing of our PR magazine. He is also proactive involved in activities other than work and competition, including lecturing at schools and municipal governments across Japan about his experience as a parasports athlete and holding sessions to enable people to experience wheelchair fencing.

Communication support for disaster-affected people and support for phone calls in conflict areas

IIJmio, IIJ’s mobile and fiber optic Internet connection services for consumers, provides customers affected by disasters, such as earthquakes and typhoons, with extra data and other preferential treatment. IIJ also supports customers who need to communicate with people in overseas areas affected by serious disaster or conflict. This support includes free international phone calls to enable customers to collect information and confirm people's safety without worrying about the cost.

Contributing to the development of an environment for affordable services by popularizing MVNOs

Mobile services have become an essential part of the infrastructure of people's lives and economic and social activities, with the number of mobile devices in use having exceeded one per person.IIJ has been driving the development of an environment that makes mobile services available to more people by providing services with lower prices and higher customer satisfaction than ever before in its IIJmio, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) service for private customers.

Futoshi Sasaki from the MVNO Division of IIJ has been in charge of the planning and development of services and negotiations with mobile carriers since the early days of MVNO. He has also been active as a member and observer of related organizations as a representative of the MVNO industry. In 2023, he was awarded the 68th Maejima Hisoka Encouragement Awards in recognition of his contribution to the development of an environment for low-cost services through the spread of MVNOs and activation of competition in the mobile market through these activities.

Shioya Recreation Club

IIJ has supported the Shioya Recreation Club (SRC), an incorporated non-profit organization, since 2017. The SRC provides track and field classes that anyone can attend together, transcending the boundaries between people with and without disabilities.

Children with disabilities do not have many opportunities to play or participate in sports together with their siblings. Wanting to enable people to do what they are not able to do, SRC provides track and field classes and recreational events, where both people with and without disabilities can participate together. At present, the SRC has approx. 90 members, ranging from elementary school children to working members of society (with 70% of them being people with disabilities). Members include athletes engaged in activities with the goal of participating in the Paralympics. The activities of the SRC are expected to continue to develop.

Charity golf tournament hosted by PTC

PTC System (S) Pte. Ltd. (PTC) in Singapore, an IIJ Group company, hosts a charity golf tournament each year, having started in 2014.
The charity golf tournament is aimed at supporting Metta School, a special-needs school in Singapore. This school provides self-reliance support for students who were diagnosed with mild disabilities or autism.

IIJ Kids the Internet Q&A

IIJ publishes a website where children and their guardians can together deepen their understanding of the mechanism of the Internet and the right ways of using it, including safe, secure ways of using smartphones.

Co-sponsoring NIPPON IT Charity EKIDEN

IIJ is co-sponsoring "NIPPON IT Charity EKIDEN" which was planned to support socially vulnerable, non-working people, reflecting the increasing number of people distressed with depression or withdrawal, mainly in the IT industry.

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