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Management message

President and Co-CEO & COO Eijiro Katsu

Through our Internet business, we will contribute to achieving a sustainable society.

Amid the growing prominence of various social issues, including environmental issues, SDGs and the Paris Agreement were adopted as international agreements for sustainable society in 2015. As it is becoming more important for companies to make contributions to solve social issues, we, IIJ Group, engage in business activities with awareness of our role as a member of society.

IIJ was founded as the first full-scale Internet service provider in Japan. IIJ has since consistently led Japan’s Internet development, under the management philosophy of developing and supporting Japan’s Internet infrastructure to contribute to bringing the network society of the future. Today, Internet has reached every corner of society, from personal social media, e-commerce and video streaming services, to corporate information systems, public service and financial services, teleworking, remote medicine, and sharing information during disasters, becoming an important social infrastructure that is essential in our lives.
As an operator of a social infrastructure business of such importance, the role of IIJ Group is none other than to contribute to the development of a network society through technological innovation, and to protect and support corporate and individual users of network infrastructure.

Based on a management philosophy stating these roles as the starting point, we have identified three material issues, as follows:

  1. Lead network infrastructure advancement with technological innovations and contribute to solving various social issues
  2. Provide safe and robust Internet services that support social infrastructure
  3. Provide an arena for people with diverse talents and values, where they can exercise their skills and actively and boldly take on challenges

Recognizing the importance of social infrastructure businesses once again, IIJ Group continues to bring technological innovations to contribute to solving various social issues including environmental problems. To help companies maintain and develop their businesses, and for individuals to enjoy safe and secure networks, we will continue to offer stable, reliable and highly value-added Internet services. To make this a reality, we will put our efforts into organizing an environment that helps our personnel make full use of their abilities.
As a member of society, we will also continue to support art and culture, which are essential for enriching people’s lives and society.

Cooperation with our stakeholders is essential for us to continue such efforts. We appreciate your continued understanding and support.

We, the IIJ Group, will continue to contribute to realizing a sustainable society through our Internet businesses.

President and Co-CEO & COO
Eijiro Katsu

President and Co-CEO & COO Eijiro Katsu

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