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Material issue 2Provide safe and robust Internet services that support social infrastructuremateriality2

Basic approach

Since the company's founding, IIJ has been anticipating society's needs, developing innovative technologies, and creating a range of Internet-related network services. Under our management philosophy of "Contributing to optimizing a networked society by developing and offering reliable, high-value-added IT services to support social infrastructure," we capitalize on our growing expertise to implement the cycle of continuous development, operation, and validation.

Internet is crucial social infrastructure that supports people's daily lives and business activities. Our mission is to continue providing secure and stable Internet services. As the foundation of those services, we believe that building and operating a robust backbone network that cannot be disrupted even in unpredictable circumstances, such as a natural disaster or an accident, will also drive an increase in our value.

Furthermore, accompanying Internet's rapid growth has been various issues with privacy protection and security. Many countries are making progress to promote data privacy and protection, including the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which includes provisions such as financial penalties in the EU. In line with such worldwide trends, IIJ shall act quickly to develop and offer services in view of future frameworks and standardization of mutual distribution of personal data linked to economic partnership agreements in each country and region.

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