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Material issue 1Lead network infrastructure advancement with technological innovations and contribute to solving various social issuesmateriality1

Basic approach

With the ambition to provide Internet, which was once accessible only to some researchers and specialists, to everyone as a commercial service, IIJ launched the first Internet connectivity service in Japan.

Ever since, IIJ has contributed to solving various social issues through its services including security measures for emails and the Web, and moderately priced mobile services. This frontier spirit is of utmost importance to IIJ, and can be said to be the foundation of the company.

Today, Internet is one of the most important social infrastructures, and has reached every corner of society, from personal social media, e-commerce and video streaming services, through to corporate information systems, public services and financial services, teleworking, remote medical care, and information-sharing during natural disasters. IIJ shall continue to take the initiative in developing Internet-related technologies. We shall improve user friendliness and operational efficiency and reduce the movement of people and goods.

Since the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015, the world has each year stepped up its initiatives to address climate change. In the IT industry, great attention is being focused on the reduction of electricity consumption.
To realize carbon neutrality, IIJ will promote the saving of energy and the use of renewable energy sources mainly for the electricity consumed at its own data center facilities.

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