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IIJ Secure MX Service

About the Service Overview

Why IIJ Secure MX ?

[Track record]

Over 1,000 companies

Trusted by customers all over the world

[Filtering Engine]

6 engines

Most engines in the industry

[Satisfaction rate]


* Based on the 2018 survey responses from IIJ Secure MX Service users.

Three primary benefits

Protect against erroneous email transmissions

Reduces risk of information leaks and meet your pressing demand for

  • Automatically converting file to password-protected zip file
  • Preventing email from being accidentally sent
  • Making supervisor approval mandatory when sending out information externally

Enhance Office 365 security

Boost security features of Office 365 and enable you to

  • Protect against information leaks
  • Mitigate risk of failure

Protect against threat email

Multi-layer filtering prevents users from receiving malicious email and meet your pressing demand for

  • Preventing fraudulent email with spoofed sender addresses
  • Mitigating risk of unknown viruses
  • Preventing large amounts of spam

Enhance email security in line with your email environment

The IIJ Secure MX Service can be used with any type of email environment, including on-premise, fully outsource email systems, cloud, etc..

Used as a gateway

Fully outsourced

Link to external cloud

IIJ Secure MX Service Features

The IIJ Secure MX Service is a cloud-based service that provides essential security for corporate customers. Such security features include protection against threats, erroneous transmissions, and other functionality necessary for email environments.
This service can be expanded with optional features.

more information

Advantages of choosing a cloud-based email security service

Multiple features together

Filtering feature of IIJ Secure MX Service is powered by 6 different engines, which is the most in the industry. Engines are also added/replaced and functionality is added from time to time to improve detection rates.

Contract terms

Minimum contract term of IIJ Secure MX Service is 1 month. Our services can be easily tried out without much commitment. You can also try out any of the many options for as little as a one-month fee.

Operated and supported in Japan

IIJ Secure MX Service is operated by our expert engineers in Japan. Incident support is available 24/7 to provide peace of mind.

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