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  • As a pioneer of Japan's internet industory
  • IIJ will continue opening new doors for the future of network society
  • Service penetration among top ten companies in industory
  • IIJ Backbone Network spans the globe
  • Comprehensive network solution services
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Service Providers

About us

Ever since its establishment in 1992 as the first Japanese Internet Service Provider, IIJ has been taking initiative in the field of Internet technology. By leveraging the technological expertise gained through its Internet connectivity services, the company has expanded its business portfolio as a total solutions provider offering from highly reliable network services, various value-added outsourcing services, including cloud computing, and WAN services to systems integration services. In this way, we have grown as a corporate group that responds to customers’ requests for every type of network application with one-stop services.IIJ is proud to say “Your Global Best Partner” to provide wholesale services for you to accelerate your online and cyberspace business here in Japan and beyond!

Together with Partners

IIJ Partner Network, Cloud partners, CDN partners, Internet Exchange partners
IIR vol.45
Internet Infrastructure Review (IIR)
The Internet Infrastructure Review is a report that conveys our accumulated knowledge and the latest information we gather through the course of the daily network operations, our response to security incidents, developments of advanced technologies, etc.

Global Backbone Network “AS2497”

Japan’s largest backbone network: IIJ has data centers and network operation centers all across Japan,In addition to this, IIJ provides network and system integration operation services in 11 major cities around the world.

Strengths of the IIJ Backbone

Solid record of designing and building highly reliable networks

Network availability 99.9999%, Bandwidth 5,115.9Gbps

Fully redundant configuration

As an independent ISP, IIJ has built its backbone using the lines of different carriers to provide high fault tolerance.

Connecting directly with major ISPs worldwide

Connections can be made not only with domestic ISPs and IXs, but with major ISPs in the U.S., Asia, and Europe—all around the world.

Over 25 years in operation

Since its establishment in 1992, we have been supporting customers’ networks with the operational know-how and technical expertise of top-level IP engineers.

IP Transit Service “IIJ IP-Transit”

IIJ provides over 5,300 routes/prefixes, which means that IIJ is the largest provider in Japan.
Therefore, if you are willing to improve connectivity to Japan, IIJ transit (AS2497) is the best option for you.

+300 Peering, BtoB Contracted Bandwidth 5,115.9Gps, +5,300 Prefixes


Exchanging traffic with major NSPs and CSPs with multiple redundant links that enables you be on the stable and fully-resilient routing platform.

High quality

“99.9999% network availability”, low-latency, and low-jitter stabilized backbone operation for over two decades. IIJ doesn't hesitate to provide uncompromised SLA in the market.

Wide coverage

With IIJ global and nationwide backbone network in close proximity to your locations , we provide the lowest latency and the best possible IP Transit service.

Extensive support

We will always be in touch with you. Our network experts support you in keeping your important network up and running. We assist you through all the life-cycle of IP-Transit, planning, delivering, operating as well as in facing some problems.

Security awareness

Operating the backbone network by super experts in network and security in-depth. and solidly protected by multi-level DDoS and vulnerability mitigation technologies.

Dedicated Internet Access “IIJ DIA”

The IIJ Dedicated Internet Access service is the most flexible and reliable internet access service among all provided by IIJ. This DIA service is ideal for businesses that require stable & mission-critical and guaranteed bandwidth internet access.

IIJ Dedicated Internet Access

High quality and reliability

The IIJ Internet backbone network offers 99.9999% availability and traffic congestion-free operation.
We are confident to serve high-speed and guaranteed internet connectivity for you.

Security awareness

Operating the backbone network by super experts who have in-depth knowledge of networks and security, and solidly protected by multi-level DDoS and vulnerability mitigation technologies.


The IIJ Dedicated Internet Access services are flexible, providing guaranteed bandwidth from 10Mbps to multiple 100Gbps links, resiliency options of “Single” and “Redundant”, and flex billing “usage-based” or “fixed-rate”. You can design your ideal network without hassles.

Full-range support

You can enjoy a hassle-free dedicated internet access.Our network experts support you in keeping your important network up and running. We assist through the entire life-cycle of your internet access, planning, delivering, operating as well as in facing some problems.


Offering various high-quality and cost-effective dedicated internet access options to meet your business goals.

For further details :
Internet Access Service
Managed Router Service

High Speed Broadband Internet Access “IIJ BIA”

Broadband Internet Access with FTTH, FTTB“Fiber-to-the Home and Fiber-to-the-Building”
The IIJ Broadband Internet Access Services are the best options for your business which are affordable, non mission-critical, accessible universally nationwide and still high-speed. You can take advantage of BIAs as your local internet breakout, VPN access, retail-branches network and even a backup Internet access and the like.

NTT Regional FTTH/FTTB Optical Broadband

Cost-Effective internet solution

The IIJ Broadband Internet Access Services are very affordable but still high-speed internet access options.
It's an ideal internet access, especially for smaller branch offices, Internet VPN deployment and for the secondary backup internet access use.

Nationwide coverage

The service coverage of broadband access is nationwide as universal service in Japan. You can have this service anywhere at the same cost and at the same specification.


Even with the nature of best-effort network, Broadband Internet Access services are available ranging from 100Mbps up to ultra high-speed 10Gbps nationwide in Japan.

Support and Outsourcing

Offering full support options from design, delivery, operation, maintenance and managed-services on your behalf. This way, you are able to focus on your core business and outsource non-core network operation and management to us.

Business readiness

IIJ broadband internet access is ready with businesses in mind. Not only with a certain SLA, it supports IPv4 & IPv6 and further value-added services like VPN for business use.

For further details :
IIJ FiberAccess/F Service

Wide Area Network “IIJ WAN”

The IIJ Wide-area Network Service provides multi-layered, integrated networks through the combination of carrier-neutral and multi-carrier services. IIJ provides total support including coordination with carriers during buildout and operations. This service can be used as local-loops between cable landing stations and data centers.

Point to Point,Leased Line,Metro Ethernet,IPLC,MPLS,IPSec VPN,REMOTE ACCESS VPN,Multi-access,Multi-carrier,Design


As a carrier-neutral network provider,
IIJ’s WAN offerings are broad and adapt to any requirements like a full-carrier diversified resilient network through solid partnerships with most of the local loop media providers.

Cloud exchange

Amid the cloud era, maintaining stable connectivity to the cloud is one of the biggest nightmares for most network administrators due to its complexity.
Here, IIJ brings reliable and scalable cloud exchange network services to you through partnerships with most of the major Cloud Providers.

WAN Portfolio

A variety of Wide Area Network "WAN" types are available with a range of quality and cost-effectiveness. We provide one-stop total solutions ranging from a legacy point-to-point connection to state-of-the-art SD-WAN services.
In this way, you can build your own optimized WAN according to your business requirements.


Offering a full range professional services from design, delivery, operation, maintenance and managed-services on your behalf. This way, you are able to focus on your core business and outsource non-core network operation and management to us.

For further details :
IIJ Wide-area Network Service
Internet Infrastructure Review (IIR)

Datacenter/ Colocation “IIJ Colo”

The IIJ datacenter service provides high-quality colocation facilities and value-added network services for you to help establish stable infrastructure platforms. Our colocation services improve both system reliability and efficiency to the next level. Plus, they are environmentally friendly!


IIJ's colocation service span 22 cities in Japan and 6 overseas cities which are all connected to high-speed digital network. With data centers located at major cities throughout the world, we continue to provide a Japanese-quality data center service available from anywhere.


As our datacenters take charge of your important ICT systems inside:All the equipment and facilities are securely and resiliently deployed and operated. It goes without saying that these are monitored by security guards 24/7.
The access control to the colocation area has multi-level protection including biometrics and

Always connected

All the colocation centers are connected to IIJ full value-added services as well as most of the major CLOUD service providers through the high-capacity IIJ backbone network.
In this way, you are able to integrate most of the necessary infrastructure services into your colocated system in the datacenters in one place.

Remote-hands support and Beyond

Now you can feel comfortable with our datacenter operation. You always rely on standard remote-hands for visual check of LEDs and turn-OFF/ON your equipment and devices on your behalf.
We provide operation assistance at an in-depth level for your co-located system in addition to standard remote-hands.

For further details :
IIJ Data Center Service
Modular Data Center
Internet Infrastructure Review (IIR)

Outsourcing/ Managed-Service


IIJ supports the centralized administration and operation of corporate systems that are becoming more complex in the process of adopting more advanced IT. We work with our group companies to provide comprehensive outsourcing of operations by professionals.

Systems Integration

IIJ offers cloud integration to give customers the IT they require by combining services to reach your full potential. We provide IT consulting to visualize business goals and build and utilize knowledge. Plus, we are able to handle customized system construction and development projects.


Monitoring and operation focused on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that combines a public cloud with a private cloud, plus seamless connectivity to the clouds of other companies.


From network circuits connected to the cloud to endpoints, consolidated operation by our Security Operation Center (SOC) provides security measures optimized for the customer.

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IIJ Global Business Development Office

(9:30 - 17:30 excluding weekends and public holidays)

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