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IIJ Wide-area Network Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Wide-area Network Service provides multi-layered, integrated networks through the combination of services from major Japanese carriers. IIJ provides total support including coordination with carriers during buildout and operations.

Service Features

Complex Ethernet Networks Consisting of Multiple Customer LANs

Connect LANs between your sites using Ethernet technologies. Create network configurations that consist of one all-encompassing LAN segment.

Wide-Area LANs Utilizing High-Speed Layer 2 Switches

Layer 2 switches in backbones are used for connections to customers. This enables the creation of full-mesh WAN topologies independent of layer 3 and higher layers.

High Level of Security through Layer 2 Connections

Customers are assigned user IDs through the use of virtual LAN technology (VLAN) to divide networks at the layer 2 level.

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