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Guiding Principles for Employees "Backbone of IIJ"

Backbone of IIJ

"Backbone of IIJ" was created by volunteer members across departments as a guideline for realizing IIJ's business philosophy and accelerating future growth on the occasion of IIJ's 30th anniversary.

The name "Backbone of IIJ" was chosen in the hope that it would become a "spiritual pillar" that IIJ employees would carry on as well as making a reference to "backbone network" which is the foundation of IIJ

1.Challenge: Every action is for achievement

We make action and get others involved toward realizing not only big ambition but also small improvement.
With flexible mindset and active discussion, we deepen our ideas not only for innovation but also for improvement.
If somebody has an exciting idea and is seeking to make it happen, we shall join such initiatives.
We will continue to have discussions and take challenges which has been our tradition since the company's inception.

2. Curiosity: Don't stop at "Just being interested"

Every curiosity counts because it could read to something extraordinary. This is why we sincerely value ours as well as others' curiosity.
Curiosity is one of our driving force which has led to "IIJ as first in the world/Japan" and high customer satisfaction.
The curiosity of employees is our important asset which can neither be visualized nor quantified.
We believe that such asset is opening up the possibility of Internet and making network society even better.

3.Passion: Pursuing "My Interests" is the path to becoming a professional

We work with commitment and passion when we see something interesting in front of us.
Such approach allows us to make more decisions on our own, enlarge what we can do, and make work more enjoyable.
We continue to strive with passion to be professionals and leading experts.

4.Responsibility: Never compromise. Not accepting "this should be good enough"

We contribute to society by providing "Internet infrastructure."
We have a commitment to society that we shall provide uninterrupted and protected Internet connectivity, continue to improve Internet and show new possibility of Internet.
Going forward, we shall continue to be sincere for those beyond each job and never compromise.

5.Respect: Listen, especially when you are not sure

We aim for an organization in which people with diverse background and values can exercise one's strength and have discussion from various view points.
Even it seems difficult, we are committed to mutual respect and honest communication.
Sincere communication means never cheat on the spot, speaking honestly and avoiding misunderstandings.
This is how we have been creating a working environment where diversified talents can demonstrate their abilities and achieve great satisfaction.

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