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IIJ's Strengths

Technical Expertise

Advanced expertise gained through countless cycles of development, operation and validation

Since the company's founding, IIJ's engineers have foreseen the demand that would exist in society, worked to standardize groundbreaking technologies, and have brought into existence many network services. Our engineers have also utilized the knowledge gained through systems integration and operation to create IT services that customers need. We have thoroughly examined and understand every basic mechanism related to the services IIJ provides, including network-related equipment, router-based control mechanisms, and traffic measurement methods. We also quickly share information acquired in the field when providing service within the company to make continuous improvements and raise quality. IIJ's strength in technology is this continuous improvement that helps our engineers to support customers today while looking toward the future.


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Total Solutions

Migrating the IT environment to the cloud to provide high-quality total solutions

IIJ creates environments that make it possible for a business to use all of the IT functions it needs from the cloud, regardless of industry, type of business, or business particularities. Our networks connect people, things, and computers speedily, accurately, and safely. Our cloud -- from informational systems to mission-critical systems -- provides a wide range of capabilities. Our security detects the risks faced in relation to the huge amounts of data that are processed today, and protects systems and networks from threats of all kinds. We offer one-stop, total solutions in the designing, construction, and operation of IT environments that allow customers to focus on doing business.


Industry-leading customers in diverse industries

IIJ Group has approximately 12,000 companies as customers, primarily large and medium-sized enterprises and government and municipal offices who highly rate our reliability.

Service penetration among top ten companies in industry (companies to which IIJ provides service) *

* Source: Top ten firms in each industry taken from annual revenues are selected by IIJ based on the Yahoo! Japan Finance website (finance/sales/whole market/daily)

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