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IIJ's Strengths

Technical Expertise

Supporting society with core technology that has been continuously improved by IIJ's R&D, and with the trusted services created using this technology

Since the Company's founding, IIJ has consistently foreseen society's future needs, worked to standardize groundbreaking technologies, and brought a wide range of network services into existence. We have also utilized the knowledge gained through systems integration and operation to create IT services that customers need. We have thoroughly examined and honed our understanding of every basic mechanism (i.e., core technologies) that underpins the services that IIJ provides, including networks, cloud computing, security services, etc. We have also realized continuous improvement by quickly sharing within the company information acquired in the field when providing services. Using the core technologies and services that we have developed in this way, IIJ supports the essential infrastructure for the networked society. We firmly believe that by continuing to work tirelessly to realize technology innovation, we are supporting and furthering society's progress.

Total Solutions

Providing a one-stop service for digital transformation to meet a wide range of needs in business and daily life

A rapid digital transformation is taking place in both thebusiness environment and our daily living environment, across a wide range of sectors, industries and usage scenarios. For example, in the area of office operation, it has become increasingly vital for employees to be able to access office networks whenever they need to, and from whatever location they are in. In workplaces in agriculture, manufacturing industry and logistics, the Internet of Things (IoT) is being utilized effectively to save labor and reduce headcount. In areas such as education, healthcare and social services and in daily life, the ability to share information rapidly has become indispensable, and being connected to networks has become a precondition for getting things done.

At IIJ, we provide a one-stop service for the IT environment that supports today’s world with its steadily progressing digital transformation. To enable the realization of the digital transformation in a smooth, safe manner, we offer one-stop, high-quality total solutions.


Industry-leading customers in various industries

IIJ Group has approximately 15,000 companies as customers, primarily large and medium-sized enterprises, central government agencies and local governments who highly value our reliability.

Service penetration among top ten companies in industry (companies to which IIJ provides service)(*)

(*)Source: Penetration rate into the top 10 companies in each industry is the percentage of companies that adopted IIJ services among the top 10 companies, which prepared by IIJ based on Yahoo! Finance and IIJ's financial results etc.

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