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Management Message

The Internet is one of those technological innovations that occur maybe once in a century, and it continues to affect people’s lives and to change every system and mechanism in society, spanning government, industry, and business. Even today it is still difficult to fully grasp all its massive potential, and technological advances that go beyond our expectations open up new possibilities of the Internet.

Ever since its establishment in 1992 as the first Japanese Internet Service Provider, IIJ has been taken initiatives in the field of Internet technology. By leveraging the technological expertise gained through its Internet connectivity services, the company has expanded its business portfolio as a total solutions provider offering from highly reliable network services, various value-added outsourcing services, including cloud computing, WAN services to systems integration services. In this way, we have grown as a corporate group that responds to customers’ requests for every type of network application with one-stop services.

From early on, IIJ had envisioned that all kinds of information systems would be operated upon a shared Internet platform in the future. We are now on the verge of realizing such visions with cloud computing. It has transformed the way we use information and the role of computer systems themselves, while facilitating a new form of globalization.

At the forefront of this major trend, the IIJ Group is developing its businesses with the strong belief that continuous innovation can lead to the creation of all-new industries. Based on our corporate philosophy of ensuring high quality and reliability, which we have pursued since the Company’s establishment, we will also continue to provide innovative services that bring new value to customers and contribute to the evolution of a network society.

Chairman and Co-CEO:Koichi Suzuki ,President, Co-CEO, and COO:Eijiro Katsu

Koichi Suzuki and Eijiro Katsu

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