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Material issue 3 Provide an arena for people with diverse talents and values, where they can exercise their skills and actively and boldly take on challenges


Basic approach

As the first company in Japan to offer full-scale commercial Internet services, IIJ has remained committed to a corporate culture that continues to take on new challenges since its founding in 1992. At a time when globalization is advancing and the world is changing at an unprecedented pace, it is essential to create an environment which promotes diversity and encourages our employees to demonstrate their talents to the best of their ability to create new technologies and value, and continue to generate growth.

IIJ has a culture of respecting individuality that has remained unchanged since its foundation. This is a culture that encourages our people to create opportunities to share information and values to design something new. Our management philosophy also declares that "We aim to offer a working environment where people who aggressively take on technical innovation and contribute to society, and can demonstrate their abilities autonomously with pride and reward."
Under this philosophy, IIJ supports our employees’ career development by respecting the opinions and feelings of our diverse employees and by improving the environment in which all employees are able to take on challenges and work at their liberty to achieve the things they envision while displaying their capabilities. Moreover, IIJ establishes secure environments that enable employees to ensure their own mental and physical wellness and work in peace and that promote healthier work-life balances. In this way, IIJ will further increase its engagement with its employees.

For IIJ Group's business, "the Internet-related technologies cultivated since our founding," "the diverse range of services that meet customer needs," and "the  customer base of approximately 14,000 companies" are important intellectual property, and the human resources that support these assets are the source of our competitiveness. The corporate ethos rooted in IIJ that encourages challenges aligns with the aspirations and goals of each individual, resulting in the creation of new value-added and highly reliable technologies and services. IIJ shall contribute to society by providing these technologies and services with stable operations.

IIJ Group shall further enhance its corporate value through implementing management in such a way that respects and develops human capital and intellectual property and continuing its efforts.

IIJ (non-consolidated basis) Employee Survey - Overall Satisfaction

IIJ (non-consolidated basis) turnover rate

According to the annual employee awareness survey, IIJ has maintained overall employee satisfaction at a high level. IIJ has kept its turnover rate low. It is lower than the industry average of around 10% (according to a survey on employment trends in the information and communications industry by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare).

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