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President Message

We shall continue to demonstrate our competitive advantages based on network technology.

President and Co-CEO & COO

Eijiro Katsu

We have contributed to the development of Internet in Japan by developing and providing wide range of network services including many "first in Japan" services within an open and self-motivated corporate culture since our foundation as the first full-scale commercial Internet Service Provider in Japan. Recently, the business circumstance surrounding our group has been significantly changing, and "the era of everything being constructed on Internet," which we have envisioned since our foundation, is gradually being realized. Enterprises and government agencies' internal networks are migrating from closed-type network to multifunctional and secure network by incorporating Internet technologies. Amid these changes in the utilization of IT infrastructure, the number of "Service Integration" projects, in which we provide various network services together with systems integration, has been remarkably increasing, and we have also acquired unprecedented large-scale projects while expanding our business domain. Through this favorable business environment, we shall continue to demonstrate our competitive advantages based on network technology by leveraging our development and operational expertise cultivated over many years toward the significant growth.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and support.

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