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President Message

We shall lead technological innovation of Internet and contribute to the development of a networked society.

President (Co-CEO & COO)

Eijiro Katsu

With regard to the consolidated fiscal year ended March 31, 2023 (FY2022), while the COVID-19 behavioral restrictions were eased, our revenue growth was further accelerated because, in addition to steady accumulation of network services, our opportunities to propose and acquire large scale projects which require the combination of network services and systems integration increased due to continuous favorable demands by the progress of IT utilization of enterprises and government agencies in Japan. Considering these business progresses, we revised consolidated revenues and operating profit targets (*) for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024 (FY2023), which is the last fiscal year of our three-year Mid-term Plan, to JPY286.0 billion and JPY31.5 billion, respectively.

The era of "everything is connected to Internet, and everything is built on Internet," which has been foreseen since our inception, appears to be arriving. Our mission is to realize such a network society, and we shall support it with our high-quality and reliable network operations capabilities, which we have cultivated over years. In addition, as a social contribution program to commemorate our 30th anniversary, we launched “IIJ Academy” to respond to society's demand to educate of engineers who will support the network society. We will continuously contribute to the development of Internet technologies in Japan.

We are deeply grateful to our shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders for your support. We sincerely appreciate your continued understanding and support.

  • (*) Initial target (announced in May 2021): revenues JPY270.0 billion, operating margin over 9%.
    Revised in November 2021: revenues JPY270.0 billion, operating margin over 10%.
    Revised in May 2022: revenues JPY270.0 billion, operating margin 11.5% (Operating profit JPY 31.1 billion)

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