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IIJ GIO US Service

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We have prepared three series categories for the IIJ GIO US Service.

Features various options, and facilitates connection to private networks. This is ideal for business-oriented information infrastructure, as it enables connection with customers' on-premises environments and can be used in combination with the D Series.
Allows physical servers to be built with specifications to meet customers' needs. It is possible to freely customize the specifications and configuration, such as the memory, disk drive, and whether it is equipped with an SSD.
By freely combined servers, storage and network resource, you can build a virtual server environment quickly. VW Series is easy to migrate from an existing VMware environment and it makes continuous use of existing applications possible. It is perfect for use in enterprise-oriented systems.


E Series

Product E10 E20 E40 E80 E160 E240 E320
OS CentOS / Windows
Options: Up to 8vCPUs can be upgraded
Memory 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 24GB 32GB
Standard Disk 50GB
Options: Up to 1TB can be added to server (in 50GB units, up to two areas)
Option: Up to 2NICs can be added by using vSwitch option
Internet Connectivity 1Gbps shared
Options Backup / vVPN / vFirewall / vSwitch

D Series

We provide servers with customized specifications to meet our customers' needs.

VW Series

VMware vSphere ESXi server
Virtualization software VMware vSphere ESXi5.5 Enterprise Plus Edition
No of CPU core 6/12
Memory 48GB / 72GB / 96GB / 128GB / 192GB (additional Memory is available (*1))
Internet Connectivity 1Gbps shared

(*1) Additional Memory is available upon customer's request. Please contact sales rep for more information.

VMware Integrated management server(vCenter)
OS Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 Standard Edition
Installation Software vCenter Server VMware vCenter Server 5.5 Standard Edition
Capacity 1TB / 2TB (iSCSI)

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