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IIJ GIO US Service

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We have prepared three series categories for the IIJ GIO US Service.

Features various options and facilitates connection to private networks. This is ideal for business-oriented information infrastructure, as it enables connection with customers' on-premises environments and can be used in combination with the D Series and VW series.
Allows physical servers to be built with specifications to meet customers' needs. It is possible to freely customize the specifications and configuration, such as the memory, disk drive, GPU and whether it is equipped with an SSD.
By freely combined servers, storage and network resource, you can build a virtual server environment quickly. VW Series is easy to migrate from an existing VMware environment and it makes continuous use of existing applications possible. It is perfect for use in enterprise-oriented systems.


E Series

OS Ubuntu, Rocky Linux, CentOS, Windows Server and Other OS*
CPU 1 Up to 24 vCPUs
Memory 1 Up to 96GB
Storage From 50GB to N-TB
Enterprise-grade SSD storage
NIC 10 Gbps
Private and Global
Internet 10 Gbps redundant shared internet
or Dedicated Internet
Web Console Yes
(direct console, power control, resource stats, topology map)
Options Backup/VPN/Firewall/Switch/Remote Access/Monitoring

*Other OS can be deployed as an option.

D Series

We provide servers with customized specifications to meet our customers' needs.

VW Series

VMware vSphere ESXi server
Hypervisor VMware vSphere ESXi 7 Enterprise or higher
Host CPU Dual socket Intel Xeon CPU with 8/16/24 core or higher
Host Memory 128/256/512/1048 GB or higher
Host Storage SSD
Host Redundancy Yes
Host Interface 10 Gbps
VMware Management Server
vCenter Server version VMware vCenter Server 7 Standard or higher
Storage capacity 1TB to N-TB (example. 100TB)
Storage type SSD
Connection type 10G iSCSI
Redundancy Yes (RAID/Controller/Power/Network)

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