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IIJ GIO US Service

About the Service Overview

The proven Cloud Service, IIJ GIO expanded to North America and provides IIJ GIO US Service. Cloud infrastructures are built on both East and West coast, providing a variety of menus. IIJ GIO US Service is provided by IIJ America Inc.blank

Service Features

1. Web dashboard experience

All in one web dashboard provides a consolidated management experience.

2. Instant deploy feature

Your cloud service will be ready in just a few clicks away (Available in Compute, Network and Backup).

Sample: Backup service

3. Ready for Enterprise Admins

We provide secure multi-factor authentication and role-based access for your private cloud environment. Plus, our service comes with 24x7 bilingual (English/Japanese) helpdesk.

Cloud infrastructure in place at two locations in North America

Cloud infrastructure for the IIJ GIO US Service has been constructed on the East Coast (New York) and the West Coast (Los Angeles). All cloud infrastructure is directly connected to a high-speed backbone network linking the United States, Japan, and Europe with high-capacity lines, resulting in a stable cloud environment with low latency.

Select the services that meet your needs from our extensive service lineup

The IIJ GIO US Service offers a varied service lineup to meet your diverse needs and provide powerful solutions for your business.

  • E Series : Virtual Servers are delivered upon customer's request among several instance menu.
  • D Series : Dedicated physical server hosting service.
  • VW Series : VMware installed dedicated server and control panel are provided, which enables customer to use private cloud without owning assets. VMware licenses can be chosen from IIJ GIO-provided licenses or bring your own license (BYOL).

Connects directly to a high-capacity Internet backbone that encircles the world. We provide a high-speed cloud service without borders.

Engineers well-versed in cloud services provide total support, from system installation consulting and building to operational design.

Sample Configuration

Disaster recovery measures achieved with E Series

You can shift the IT systems at your main office to the cloud in Los Angeles, and backup your important data to New York. Security is assured by connecting the main office and the cloud with Internet VPN. Additionally, this creates an environment that enables you to use the remote access function to access company resources from outside the office.

* vFirewall is provided as an option

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