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IIJ GIO EU Service

About the Service Overview

IIJ GIO EU Service is a premier enterprise cloud service provided in Europe. It combines a variety of server types and add-ons which enable flexible integration of complex IT systems.

Service Features

Advantage 1

Provide the “perfect private cloud” in Europe

Advantage 2

Large capacity high-speed interest across Europe, Asia, Japan and the US

Advantage 3

Simple migration and integration with customer-owned systems


  • Provide "Virtualisation Platform" which facilitates customer's perfect private cloud by virtualising servers with VMware in Europe. IIJ GIO EU Service provides the same environment and therefore benefits as a customer-owned private cloud, but but also combines flexibility in configuration of mission critical systems, alongside a flat-rate fee and flexible contract terms.
  • IIJ GIO EU Service infrastructure has been built on IIJ's internet backbone connecting Europe, Asia, Japan and the US. This high-speed internet backbone provides a gold standard IT performance with high speed connectivity and response rates all over the world.
  • IIJ GIO can be utilised to integrate a hybrid system of customer-owned systems and cloud.

Solve the challenge faced in Europe

Promptly provide a secure and flexible office IT environment in smaller sites with no IT staff

The IT facility of newly expanded sites in Eastern European countries need to be built speedily in a flexible manner. IIJ provides office IT integration support and outsource services utilising cloud to relieve customers from unfamiliar IT work and daily IT operations. Using data centres within the EU borders complies with The Data Protection Act (the personal information protection law in EU). IIJ's support for customers' aids successful business performance with highly secure, quality services.

Integrate distributed on-premise mission critical systems into IIJ cloud to allow more effective management and control of these systems.

IT systems in EU require overhauling due to the rationalisation and consolidation of office space. IIJ has abundant skills and experiences not only in information systems such as office IT but also in mission critical system such as SAP. By integrating on-premises mission critical systems into IIJ GIO, we liberate our customers from the ongoing burden of managing IT in order that they may exploit their business opportunities more effectively.

One-stop shopping for advanced network consultation, integration and operation

When you integrate IT systems into cloud, in order to access the cloud from each site securely, management of advanced network is essential. IIJ GIO EU Service is provided with IIJ's original virtual router, "SEIL/x86" which corresponds to a unified network management system. The access between cloud and customer sites is securely established via a tunnel over the internet. Service adapter "SA-W1" can be set up automatically when it is plugged-in so customers' do not need to wait for a field engineer to visit the site to adapt, repair or replace the device. IIJ also provides an internet access service and operation management service.

The IIJ GIO EU services will extend its service offer over the period.

Please contact us should you have any queries about pricing or further details of our services.

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