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co-IZmo/I is a modular container data center. It can flexibly handle a variety of purposes, from small scale to large scale.

Suitable for various industries

  • Port terminal
  • Plant, smart factory
  • Mega construction site
  • Co-location, distributed cloud providers
  • Public agencies (BCP, disaster prevention)
  • Research institutes
  • Smart cities
  • Data repositories

IIJ began operating a large-scale container data center in Matsue in 2011 as the infrastructure of its cloud services. The characteristics of container data centers are cost reduction, high scalability, and dramatically energy saving. "co-IZmo/I" was developed to implement container data center on-premises.

Taking advantage of the strengths of a total solution provider, IIJ provides data center construction and operation of networks and cloud infrastructure as a one-stop service.

Values of co-IZmo/I


The indirect outside air cooling system enables a significant reduction of power consumption.
Low pPUE: 1.17 (annual average)*

* PUE(Power Usage Effectiveness)is a ratio that describes how efficiently a computer data center uses energy. pPUE is the value for each module.

High reliability, high quality

By manufacturing prefabricated cooling blocks and necessary components in Japan domestic factories, less on-site construction work, and the container data center is highly reliable.
co-IZmo/I can provide a high quality data center.

High-density of IT equipment

co-IZmo/I is a modular structure with 10 kw per rack. It is designed for the mounting of high density IT equipment.

Implement Image


  • 1 Container 4 IT Racks
  • UPS 40 kW


  • 14 Containers 56 IT Racks
  • UPS 560 kW


  • 60 Containers 240 IT Racks
  • UPS 2400 kW

Customer case studies

IIJ's modular Data Center
Matsue Data Center Park

Japan’s first container modular data center using free cooling, deployed in 2011.
Utilizing the IT module "IZmo" developed by IIJ, based on the know-how gained through many years of DC operation,

Green data center in Lao PDR

Utilizing IIJ's excellent high-quality and highly efficient modular data center technology, an environment-friendly state-owned data center has been built. It demonstrated the operation of a facility suitable for that country's environment, while proving that it could effectively reduce green-house gas emissions. (*)

* Implemented as a "Global Warming Countermeasure Technology Promotion Project" commissioned by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

Co-IZmo/I deployed and operated in the harsh environment of Russia

Co-IZmo/I has been deployed at a Russian infrastructure company. It is customized to suit the harsh usage environment, such as snowfall and extremely low temperatures in winter.

Cloud Service Provider

Co-IZmo/I has been implemented as an open floor space design by connecting multiple containers. By utilizing an open floor space inside the container unit, specialized IT racks were deployed for the cloud infrastructure.

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