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DX edge

About the Service Overview

DX edge is a flexible edge data center solution that provides the IT and digital infrastructure of edge computing.
It is not only an edge computing platform with high agility and scalability that supports the speed of business transformation, it is also ideal as an onsite IT platform.

DX edge is suitable for ;

  • Build and expand high-performance IT/digital infrastructure with quick delivery according to demand.
  • Distribute edge computing resources to multiple locations and manage and operate them centrally and efficiently.
  • Optimize the IT infrastructure operating costs and resources even in on-premise environments within a company and its branch offices, and focus more on applications.

* Virtualization platform and IT infrastructure are provided by IIJ or our partner's solutions.

About "edge data center"

With growing digital transformation (DX), the public sector and enterprises shift their IT platforms to the cloud. On the other hand, edge computing is constantly gaining momentum. For example, for ultra-low latency processing at the edge with 5G, data sovereignty (※), and BCP.

(※) Data sovereignty: Originally, a government's efforts to restrict the methods for transferring personal information across national borders and prevent the data of its own citizens from being misused. For enterprises, it involves a general rule for maintaining total control over the company's data, including where it is physically stored and processed.

An "edge data center" is a data center located near the consumer or onsite. Digital/IT platforms will be hybrids of cloud computing and on-premise/edge computing.

Solution menu

Edge data center Micro data center
(The smallest portable data center anywhere)
Container data center
(Easy-to-build modular container data center)

DX edge Use Cases

Digital/IT Infrastructure for Factories and Plants

Applications such as smart factories, factory automation, and robotics may require low latency and large storage capacity. Therefore, they must be located on-premises at the plant. Edge data centers are suitable for harsh environments. Users can deploy edge data centers quickly at a lower cost by DX edge. In addition, it leads to TCO reduction. Operational costs can be reduced by remote monitoring and operation without onsite specialists.

Server Rooms for Offices, Warehouses, and Stores

The micro data center can be deployed anywhere, even harsh outdoors, warehouses, stores, and offices with no dedicated server room.
It can be deployed per demand quickly compared to constructing a new server room. Its scalability and easy operation lead to TCO reduction. MDC is highly mobile, so it is easy to relocate.

5G and Edge Computing, MEC

Multi-access edge computing (MEC) is an architecture that provides cloud computing capabilities and services at the edge of the network. MEC deployed on DX edge reduces latency, ensures highly efficient network operation and service delivery.
Multiple edge data centers can also perform centralized remote monitoring and operation.

IT and IoT Infrastructure for Smart City

DX edge can be deployed as regional data centers (edge local data centers) for the IT infrastructure of smart cities. It starts on a small scale and can expand to meet demand.
Additionally, IIJ offers technologies and services that support smart cities such as local 5G and IoT.

Monitoring and operation

DX edge provides remote monitoring and operation of edge data centers, and sendback maintenance arrangements in case of failure.

MDC detects failures and abnormalities of the device itself and measures various information with sensors. It has a rule-based autonomous operation function, and can automatically execute scenarios. For example, MDC shuts down the specified server when the temperature threshold is exceeded.

* IT equipment monitoring, operation, and maintenance arrangements will be provided in the future.

Operation Management Flow for MDC

Data center facilities operation management services are available for co-Izmo/I, similar to MDC.

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