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IIJ DPO Outsourcing Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ DPO Outsourcing Service provides you with our Data Protection Officers (DPOs), which are required by EU GDPR, as a service.
The IIJ DPO team has expertise in privacy protection legislation and IT security to support your GDPR compliance efforts.

* For handling inquiries with Supervisory Authorities and data subjects, we charge a fee based on the actual work time.

Service Features

DPO Team of Experts and Support in Multiple European Languages

Our team of experts has expertise in the legislation of the EU and its participating countries, business, and IT security as well as has proficient English ability, all of which are required qualifications of DPOs. Let our team of experts fulfill the role of the DPO in your organization. We solve conflict of interest problems that prevent members in departments involved in the processing of personal data or in executive management from being appointed as DPOs. We also provide support in the official 24 languages of the EU regarding personal data inquiries.

Mitigating the Management Risk of Appointing Internal Employees as DPOs

The DPO is legally protected, such that they must be given sufficient budget and human resources, and there must be no intervention by executive management and no termination of employment. Additionally, complaints filed by DPOs with regulating bodies may result in fines of up to 2% of global sales or 10 million euros, whichever is greater. Outsourcing such a potentially threatening position can mitigate the associated management risk.

Reduced Operations Costs and Availability of Visualization Tools

Monitoring the state of GDPR compliance requires that various documentation, such as Article 30: Records of processing activities, be reviewed and updated as necessary. Centralized tools are essential to adequately manage the state of privacy protection compliance for Japan and other regions geographically separate from Europe at a reasonable cost. With the IIJ Compliance Platform for GDPR, we have made the processes of global management and reporting more efficient.

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