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IIJ DNS Platform Service

About the Service Overview

This is a DNS platform that covers DNSSEC and other security features. The platform provides IIJ Managed DNS Service, a cloud-based DNS service with high availability, and IIJ DNS Traffic Management Service, a DNS-based load distribution service.

(*1) The IIJ authoritative name server operates DNS servers distributed across multiple regions, both in Japan and overseas.

(*2) The multi-provider function is only available with the premium plan.

(*3) The zone transfer feature is supported only by the IIJ Managed DNS Service.

Service Features

Covers Security Functions Required by DNS Servers

This service covers the security functions required by DNS servers, such as the DNSSEC function that protects domain information falfisication and the TSIG function that protects zone transfers spoofing.

Multi-factor authentication can be implemented by linking this service with the IIJ ID Service. And detailed operation authority management (RBAC function) for each DNS zone can also be used.

100% Track Record for DNS Server Availability

The DNS service built on our experience in operating DNS servers, for more than 20 years. DNS servers are distributed both in Japan and overseas to maintain high reliability and high availability.

Can Be Used with DNS Infrastructure Deployed in Multiple Regions Worldwide

With the premium plan, this service can be used with the DNS infrastructure of other providers (multi-provider). The DDoS defensive bandwidth and number of Anycast locations can be expanded.

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