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Business Philosophy

IIJ Group's business philosophy (raison d'etre or purpose) is as follows.

As the company name "Internet Initiative Japan Inc." suggests, we are committed to the ongoing pursuit of initiatives in the field of Internet technology, which is one of those technological innovations that might occur once in a century, and contributing to the development of the networked society by providing groundbreaking services and platforms that propose new uses for the network.

To develop network infrastructure through technological innovation

We are committed to the ongoing pursuit of initiatives in the field of Internet technology to open up the future of the digital society through new value created by ever faster networks and computing.

To provide solutions (IT services) that supports a networked society

We continuously develop and introduce highly reliable and value-added IT services that anticipate changes taking place around the world, to support the use of networks by society and individuals.

To provide meaningful opportunities for growth to our employees (a place where human resources with diversified talents and values can play an active role)

We aim to offer meaningful working opportunities for growth through business, in which our staff can take a proactive approach to technical innovation and social contribution, and actively demonstrate their abilities with pride and a sense of satisfaction. We aspire to be a company where employees are never satisfied with the status quo, and are always thinking about the future world, contributing to social development, and achieving personal growth through work that has value for society.

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