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IIJ Block Unauthorized Access Solution for Website

About the Solution Overview

The IIJ Block Unauthorized Access Solution for Website includes an easily deployable cloud-based protection system to protect your websites from unauthorized access.

Solution Features

Easily Deployable without Changes to Your Existing Environment

Deploying this service does not require any changes to your production web servers. This service can be deployed to any website regardless of the ISP used. Service is available for use within 5 business days of initial application. This cloud-based service eliminates your exposure to asset risk.

Highly Configurable for Protection Against Even Massive DDoS Attacks

DDoS defense systems are distributed throughout the IIJ backbone to provide protection against even massive DDoS attacks. Parameters of protection can be tailored to your specific communication trends.

CDN Availability to Support Sudden Increases in Access

CDN is available to cache web content and deliver content at high-speed. In addition to protecting you from attacks, this service also enables you to provide low-latency, highly responsive web access during times of sudden increases in normal communication.

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