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IIJ Web High-Grade 2 Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Web High-Grade 2 Service is a Web hosting service that provides access to our CGI and database assets. Access analysis functionality is also included. This service is ideal for creating more advanced and secure websites.

Service Features

Fully Redundant Configurations for Always Available Websites

In addition to redundant devices and network facilities, we provide an incident support desk open 24 hours a day. We are dedicated to responding to requirements of high availability.

Create Advanced Websites Using Our CGI and Database Assets

This service provides CGI and database assets as well as access analysis tools. Create advanced websites in accordance with customer requirements.

Extensive Security Features to Enhance Availability and Robustness

We provide many security features including SSL support and DDoS protection. This service can be used with confidence even for enterprise and brand sites that require extremely high levels of reliability.

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