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IIJ GIO Migration Solution

About the Solution Overview

The IIJ GIO Migration Solution provides migration of on-premise VMware environments to the IIJ GIO cloud service. A replication tool and the migration work is provided as a package with the cloud infrastructure. Cloud migrations are deployed securely and reliably without any hassle for our customers.

Solution Features

Migrate On-premise VMware Environments to the Cloud Without Any Changes

The Virtualization Platform VW Series (hereinafter, VW series) is used as the IIJ GIO Infrastructure P2 for the new cloud services into which existing environments are migrated.

Administrative privileges are included with the VMware virtualization platform, which means that the design and operation of existing systems can be migrated to the cloud without needing to make any changes.

Low-impact Replication via Our Specialized Migration Tool

Our migration solution features Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) as the migration tool.
Replication processes are performed in near real-time without having any impact on existing environments.

Experienced IIJ Engineers Provide Exceptional Cloud Migration Support

We offer three migration plans that standardize our extensive experience and knowledge of cloud migrations. Per your request, IIJ engineers will perform the migration work from buildout of the new environments to the actual migration.

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