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IIJ Video Viewer Experience Analysis Solution

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Video Viewer Experience Analysis Solution uses Conviva's "Experience Insight," "Viewer Insight," and "Social Insight," which have a proven track record in many major video delivery services overseas. It is a solution that aims to acquire more new viewers by monitoring in real-time whether viewers are able to view content with guaranteed streaming quality and by analyzing viewing trends. Also, by analyzing and verifying the advertising contents, the effects can be visualized, contributing to the acquisition of sponsors.

Service Features

Display of Real-time Viewing Data for Quality of Experience

Quantify under what conditions end users are watching videos. From the dashboard, you can check in near real-time the operation status of the entire service including ads.

Multi-faceted Filter

Filter various data by a variety of keywords and compare the numerical values. For example, you can compare the number of errors between Android and iOS, or compare the bitrates viewed by the end user's ISP.

Player Event Tracking

Get key events on whether end users are watching videos comfortably. For example, it is possible to understand trends ranging from the overall trends to the trend of each account, such as how long it takes to start playing after pressing the play button, and whether buffering has occurred during playback.

Alerts and Scenario Analysis

Notification of alerts can be triggered by viewing trend numbers and events. This makes it possible to quickly respond to service failures and other problems, and improve end-user satisfaction.

Viewer Trend Analysis

By analyzing various viewing trends of viewers, it is possible to predict potential cancellations and to analyze the tendency of viewers in the free trial period to subscribe to paid services.

SNS Campaign Analysis

When you post hot topics such as introductions of new content or sports highlight videos on SNS, it is possible to analyze what led followers to watch, their reactions to the post, and how they are guided to video streaming services.

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