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IIJ Unified Operation Management Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Unified Operation Management Service (UOM) is an SaaS service that makes system operations more efficient. The extremely large number of alerts generated by cloud-based systems and on-premise systems are automatically filtered and registered into tickets. System administrators are notified of only the alerts that match previously configured rules. Support for automated operations, system monitoring, and job monitoring enables more efficient system operations.

11 Useful System Operations Features

This service provides operations administrators with everything to help them perform daily tasks from features required for basic system operation to features that make system operations more efficient.

Alert Email Retrieval

Retrieve alerts from monitoring systems via email and APIs

Alert Filtering

Large amounts of alerts from multiple systems can be deleted automatically

Ticket Management

Incidents are managed through automatic creation of tickets from alerts

Automated Timelines

Timelines of the support history from alert generation to completion are automatically created

Automatic Notifications

Important alerts are automatically sent to the appropriate administrator

Automated Operations

Predetermined routine jobs can be automated

System Monitoring

System failures are detected through advanced agentless monitoring

Report Generation

Automatic generation of monitoring and ticket reports

Job Monitoring

Centralized management of complex jobs

Optional Features

Cloud Support Desk

Single point of contact for support of complex systems created with multiple cloud services

Private Connection

Connect from your environment to UOM over a secure network

Optional Cloud Link

User-defined commands can be executed for AWS and GCP via CLI

AWS Cloud Portal

A dedicated AWS portal for easy management and operations

Managed Monitoring for Zabbix

Provides managed monitoring of large systems for Zabbix

Optional Automated Telephone Expansion

The spoken wording of automated telephones and the number of calls can be customized

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