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IIJ Unified Operation Management Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Unified Operation Management Service (UOM) is an SaaS service that makes system operations and operational tasks more efficient. It provides monitoring and operation of all IT systems including cloud services and on-premise systems. It retrieves a huge number of alerts from multiple monitoring systems and delivers only the required alerts to the system administrator. In addition, by automating routine tasks, automatically retrieving configuration information, and automatically managing incidents, it also helps to thoroughly improve the efficiency of operational tasks.

UOM function list

This service provides operations administrators with everything to help them perform daily tasks, from features required for basic system operation to features that make operational tasks more efficient.

Basic Functionalities

Integrated Management

UOM Portal, alert retrieval, Alert Filtering, Ticket Management, Automatic Notifications, Report Generation

Optional Features

System Monitoring

Standard Monitoring, Large-Scale Monitoring

System Operations

Automated Operation, Operations Outsourcing

Operational Efficiency

Configuration Management, ITSM Tool

Job Monitoring

Job Monitoring

Private Connection

Internet VPN Connection, IIJ Internal Data Center Connection, Customer Data Center Dedicated Line Connection, IIJ Private Backbone Connection


Multi-Cloud Support, Zabbix Support, AWS Cloud Portal

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