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IIJ Swiss Representative Service

About the Service Overview

With the IIJ Swiss Representative Service, a representative in Switzerland responds to inquiries from Switzerland Supervisory Authorities and data subjects (individuals who are in Switzerland) in the local language. In addition to relaying information to you in Japanese, we also provide advice as experts versed in Swiss privacy laws.

Service Features

Complete Service via Swiss Representatives and the IIJ Japan Team

If a Swiss representative is appointed, this representative accepts inquiries from Supervisory Authorities and data subjects. The Swiss representative communicates with the IIJ team, who then discusses the inquiry with the service user in Japanese.

Advice from Experts Versed in Swiss Privacy Laws

In addition to handling inquiries from Supervisory Authorities and data subjects, as experts in Swiss privacy laws, we can advise you on the appropriate response if you are unsure about how to respond. Issues resulting from incorrect responses to inquiries from data subjects may cause flaming and may be reported to Supervisory Authorities. Providing incorrect responses to inquiries from Supervisory Authorities increases the risk of incurring sanctions. Our ability to provide expert advice that reduces such risk is the best feature of this service.

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