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IIJ Secure Web Gateway Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Secure Web Gateway Service is a cloud-based service that provides all necessary web security functions. With this service, you can improve business efficiency through optimized web security.

Service Features

Effective Cloud-Based Security Measures over Incoming and Outgoing Information Access to Prevent Information Leaks

This service provides security measures over both incoming access, by preventing virus infections and access to risky sites, and outgoing access, by detecting and blocking communication from PCs infected with malware to malicious websites.

Enhanced Protection Against Targeted Attacks via Sandboxing

A virtual quarantine environment separated from your network is used to test and monitor externally received files and detect suspicious files. This enables detection of unknown malware, something that is difficult for traditional signature-based detection to accomplish.

Enhanced Compliance and Protection Against Information Leaks via Visualization of Web Access

This service enables you to have a clear understanding of web usage in your organization and to respond accordingly by restricting access to unwanted websites, social media, and risky websites. This significantly improves policy compliance and protection against information leaks.

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