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IIJ Object Storage Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Object Storage Service is a cloud-based storage service that does not involve any pay-as-you-go billing based on the amount of data downloaded. It can be easily operated using a feature-rich REST API (Amazon S3 equivalent) interface and a control panel available from a web browser.

Service Features

No data transfer price and no monthly price fluctuation

Unlike general object storages, there are no pay-as-you-go charges based on the amount of data transferred when downloading, so the service can be used without any change in price even in the case of sudden increases in download volume. As a result, total cost can be kept low.

When object storage is used as the data storage location for the content delivery platform (data storage amount 32TB, data transfer amount 13TB)
* For general object storage services, the data storage price is 3 yen/GB and the data transfer price is 12 yen/GB.

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