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IIJ Private Backbone Service/Smart HUB

About the Service Overview

IIJ Private Backbone Service/Smart HUB is a highly expandable connection service that can directly connect cloud-based services and on-premise environments via a high-performance connection.
The functions of this service are expanded from the IIJ Private Backbone Service so that we can support the enhancement of customer cloud communications.

Service Features

Delivers high-volume, stable communication by directly linking on-premises to cloud services

We have implemented new infrastructure that directly connects on-premise environments with the cloud. We provide stable cloud connectivity via high-performance connections. Because this service is also connected to the IIJ Private Backbone Service, digital workplaces that utilize IIJ services can be deployed.

Ability to freely assign bandwidths needed for connecting each cloud

We have implemented flexible management with a "bandwidth pool" system to enable customers to utilize just as much bandwidth as they need. Customers can manage for themselves the bandwidth to be allocated for each connected cloud, greatly improving convenience.

Simple setting management on Control Panel

We provide a Control Panel for managing the network resources of this service. Settings such as the FW and increasing or decreasing the bandwidth speed can be changed when necessary and on demand.

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