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IIJ GIO Singapore Service

About the Service Overview

IIJ GIO Singapore Service is a flexible, high-quality cloud service in Singapore. This service is best suited for customers who want to back up data in overseas locations.
It is also suitable for the use of system construction not only in Singapore, but also in ASEAN region when integrating ASEAN IT systems.

Service Features

Advantage 1

Leveraging our abundant experiences in designing and operation cloud services, we provide stable and high-quality cloud service in Singapore.

Advantage 2

IIJ's high-speed global backbone network extended to Singapore increases accessibility between Singapore and Japan. This means that Singapore is an ideal location to put ASEAN regional IT center for Japanese enterprises.

Advantage 3

As IIJ GIO Singapore Service facility is directly connected to IIJ's backbone network, customers can safely backup data from Japan by utilizing secure and stable network environment.

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