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IIJ Simple DR solution

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Simple DR solution can easily build a DR site on a cloud service. You can select either IIJ GIO or Microsoft Azure for the DR site. The VM that the DR targets are replicated on the cloud service for use as a DR site.

Service Features

Elements Needed for DR in a Simple Package

Offer a package lineup that contains a cloud infrastructure for the DR site, replication tool, and DR buildout work. We have simplified the otherwise laborious effort of building a DR site.

Low-Impact Replication via Our Specialized Tool

We have adopted Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) by Zerto Ltd. as the replication tool. Replication processes are performed in near real-time without having any impact on existing environments.

Experienced IIJ Engineers Provide Exceptional DR Buildout Support

We have standardized our wealth of experience and knowledge of DR. IIJ engineers can implement your DR site from design to buildout.

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