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IIJ Simple Backup Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Simple Backup Service is a low-cost cloud-based backup service that uses the Acronis backup engine. This service is used to back up and restore system images and data on physical and virtual servers in the IIJ GIO cloud service and on-premise environments. Data on Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace can also be backed up to cloud storage.

Service Features

Simple - Backup Function Provided as SaaS

This backup service is SaaS, which means that it is available for immediate use. Enjoy the release from having to operate dedicated backup servers and storage. This backup and restore function is controlled from an intuitive and easy-to-understand web console.

Secure - Encrypted Data Is Stored in the Cloud

Data is sent over SSL and encrypted for storage in the cloud. AES256, one of the strongest encryption algorithms, is an option available to encrypt backup data.

Low Cost - Pay Only for the Backup Capacity

Subscriptions are available starting from a minimum capacity of 500 GB. Only pay for the backup capacity. No initial fees, instance fees, or data transfer fees.

[DR Support] Region Can Be Selected from East Japan and West Japan

The region of use can be selected, enabling the backup to be stored as a means of DR (Disaster Recovery) support.

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