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IIJ Secure Work Platform Deployment Solution

About the Solution Overview

The IIJ Secure Work Platform Deployment Solution is a platform that makes it easy to deploy a secure and comfortable digital workplace.
A wealth of add-ons is available for combining with a FAT or VDI base set. You can quickly build out a flexible work environment.

Solution Features

Turning Design and Buildout Work into Template. Can be Deployed in as Little as Two Months

Turn service, design, and buildout work necessary for the realization of a digital workplace into a template.
We provide an IIJ-recommended work environment with well-proven track record in as little as two months from application.

Flexible and Customizable According to the Customer's Security Requirements

You can choose a FAT or VDI environment according to your desired security level. We also offer a wealth of security options such as endpoint security and MDM (mobile device management). Just combine these options to actually deploy an optimal business environment.

An Environment Optimized for Web Conferencing

Whether you choose a FAT or VDI environment, we provide an environment optimized for Microsoft Teams. There are no voice dropouts or video noise during web conferencing. By promoting smooth communication between employees, the productivity is improved.

Base Menu

As basic functionality, we have prepared two types of telework environments that utilize personal computers (FAT) or virtual desktops (VDI). Based on the basic functionality, you can add various functions such as endpoint security and MDM.

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