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IIJ Secure LAN Solution with IIJ Omnibus

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Secure LAN Solution with IIJ Omnibus is a cloud-based LAN solution that creates a simple and secure LAN environment through network control of edge devices (wireless access points, L2/L3 switches) via SDN (Software Defined Networking).

* SD-LAN control utilizes Aruba Central, which is manufactured by Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company (Japan).

Service Features

Cloud-Based Service

From the controller (Central) on the cloud, down to each network device, we include it in our service, so they are kept off-balance.

Easy-to-Use Centralized Management from the Cloud Controller for Advanced Security

SDN simplifies the complex network control used over a variety of network environments. You can operate it with ease.

Cost Reduction

There is no need to replace all of your equipment when applying this solution. Replace only the end devices in exchange for high security.

Full Wireless LAN Function

The traffic across your wireless LAN environment is visualized. Load distribution and all of the other functions that your corporate wireless LAN requires are implemented.

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