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IIJ Secure Access Service

About the Service Overview

IIJ Secure Access Service is a security framework that enables users or devices to securely access applications, data, and services on the cloud "whenever" and "wherever."

Service Features

SASE Features Offered in a Simple Package

We provide features such as a firewall, Web gateway, and remote access in an All-in-One package. This makes it easy to use the features required by SASE.

Simple Payment Plan

The simple payment plan is based on the number of users. It can be used from a minimum of 50 users, so SASE can be deployed on a small scale to reduce costs.

Total Support for SASE Deployment

The services are all developed in-house and operated inside Japan by IIJ. We respond promptly to inquiries.
In addition, IIJ can also provide a bundle of network services together, such as mobile, wired, and cloud connectivity. If the IIJ C-SOC Service and IIJ Secure Endpoint Service (link) are used, monitoring and correlation analysis can be performed up to and including the end point, allowing the early detection of incidents.

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