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SCCloud with IIJ/File Server Service

About the Service Overview

SCCloud with IIJ/File Server Service is a service that provides use of a cloud-based file server. Since the file server is a Windows server, the same functions as an on-premise server can be used. AD servers and WSUS servers are also migrated to the cloud for easy linkage.

Service Features

Functions Equivalent to On-Premise Server Available on the Cloud

The service supports the functions of a Windows native file system, such as access rights management (ACLs), Volume Shadow Copy, and quota limits, which are essential for the operation of a file server. Important internal company data can also be stored securely.

Backup/Antivirus Services Also Provided

File backups and antivirus protections, which place heavy loads on operations management, are provided as a service. This greatly reduces the work required for file server operations.

AD/WSUS Cloud Migration and Private Connection Also Supported

AD/WSUS cloud migration and private connection are available as options. In addition, other optional upgrades that are frequently linked to file servers are available, such as delegated execution of Windows Updates.

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