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IIJ Raptor Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Raptor Service is an online broker (e.g. stock-market traders/security firms/banks) FX platform designed to be flexible, high-performance, and highly usable.

Service Features

Total Solution Including Front Office, Back Office, Trading, and Bank Connectivity

Built on a core engine that utilizes parallel memory processing technologies, this integrated platform provides user functionality designed for excellent usability, advanced business administrator functionality, and trading functionality designed to maximize profits.

Support for Various Types of Trading Including Algorithmic Trading, Copy Trading, and Binary Trading

To meet the needs of different traders, a visual, intuitive web-based interface (PC and mobile) as well as a highly functional and high-performance client are available.

All Necessary Components Including Hardware, Infrastructure, and Internet Access

Engineers with experience in the FX and securities industries provide full support from consultation services to development, operations, and compliance checking.

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