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IIJ GIO Power-i Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ GIO Power-i Service is available to create IBM i environments in the IIJ GIO cloud. This now enables IBM i environments, known for their successful use in business systems, to be used as a cloud-based service.

* This service is provided by IIJ Global Solutions.

Service Features

Resolves Lack of IBM I Engineering Resources

As a cloud-based service, you no longer need to have your own assets, which reduces the burden of operating system infrastructure. At the same time, you also have the freedom to design highly customized systems with our many options and components. This helps you to resolve some of the challenges in using IBM i environments while also utilizing IBM i environments provisioned with the optimal level of resources.

Flexibility of Design and On-Demand Use

Resources such as CPU and memory are scalable so that you can use IBM i environments flexibly. You also have access to optional services that can be added at any time to expand functionality of your systems.

Created integrated cloud-based systems with both IBM i environments and open environments

You can integrate your cloud-based system with both IBM i and open environments. This reduces the need for specialized support of IBM i environments which in-turn reduces system isolation and load on operations personnel.

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