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IIJ PC Deployment Support Solution

About the Solution Overview

The IIJ PC Deployment Support Solution is a one-stop solution that provides everything from PC procurement and kitting to operation.
We support the IT environments of our customers with a wealth of support menus, including not only PC master image creation and OS initial settings, but also network environment buildout and security measures.

Solution Features

One-stop Service from PC Procurement, Initial Buildout to Operation

We provide a one-stop service from PC procurement to kitting, master image deployment, and device delivery to users.
A wide range of support is available to reduce the burden on IT administrators, ranging from post-installation operation and maintenance contact points to PC life cycle management.

Supporting a Flexible, Secure and Safe PC Environment with a Wide Range of Services

We provide not only PCs but also networks such as mobile and remote access, and security services such as IT asset management and web access management. This enables you to realize a PC environment that can easily handle changes in the environment and can be used continuously.

Reducing Capitalization Risk Through Rental Use

By using our rental services instead of purchasing (owning) a PC, you can reduce the risk of capitalization and level the costs related to PC procurement.

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