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IIJ PaaS Solution with Microsoft Azure

About the Solution Overview

Our lab-type development team, which has combined knowledge of Microsoft Azure and IoT, performs tasks from issue identification and organization to environment development and verification evaluation (PoC) for the deployment of our customer's IoT systems. This allows us to provide support in examining and determining the implementation methods for the IoT systems required by the customer. Furthermore, we support the design and buildout of the production environment according to a verification evaluation.

Solution Features

Optimal Implementation Method Proposals by Development Team Specializing in Microsoft Azure

IIJ's dedicated team formulates verification themes and an execution plan. We provide an engineer system according to the plan and propose the optimal implementation methods for the customer's business. This reduces the consideration time of customers and the burden of taking actions.

"Lab-Type PoC" That Provides Rapid Verification Evaluation

A PoC that minimizes verification time and costs is offered as a package, to rapidly eliminate technical worries and issues. We can also provide support during commercial deployment after PoC.

Extensive Track Record in Microsoft Businesses & IoT Businesses

We provide full support for our customer's IoT promotion, based on our track record of providing Microsoft Azure licenses as appropriate for the business models of our customers and partner companies and on the knowledge cultivated through our own IoT services.

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