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IIJ GIO Infrastructure P2

About the Service Overview

IIJ GIO Infrastructure P2 is a next-generation IaaS that combines both public and private clouds. We offer an extensive lineup of services so that you can build cloud-based systems for any application.

Service Features

Flexible Configuration Incorporating Both Public and Private Clouds

Servers are available as both public and private resources. Users have a high degree of freedom to choose and combine different services and options to build systems that meet their requirements and applications.

Public Cloud Resources with Emphasis on Safety

We offer primarily three types of virtual servers as public server resource options. These options include low-cost, pay-as-you-go billing in 1-hour increments as well as high-performance virtual servers with SSD storage. These systems can be used for many types of applications from development environments to online businesses.

Hosted Private Cloud Resources

We offer VMware virtualzaion platoform products as private resource options. This enables you to enjoy the convenience and agility of cloud services while maintaining the same level of freedom and security as with on-premise equipment. These resources are optimal for creating mission-critical systems in the cloud and creating hybrid cloud environments that link with on-premise equipment.

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