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IIJ GIO Infrastructure P2 Gen.2

About the Service Overview

IIJ GIO Infrastructure P2 Gen.2 (P2 Gen.2. Hereinafter, IIJ GIO P2 Gen.2) is an original IaaS provided with a new architecture by IIJ.
We provide a VMware-based hosted private cloud environment that allows you to apply the design concepts of your existing systems without modification. Besides having the advantages of both the "ease" of a public cloud and the "flexibility" of a private cloud, it supports migration from on-premise equipment to the cloud.

Service Features

Highly migratable VMware-based hosted private cloud

VMware is adopted as the virtual infrastructure, and the design concept and the operation structure of the existing on-premise environment can be brought in as is. In addition to providing various tools necessary for migration, IIJ's experienced and dedicated engineers will support the migration process to ensure a smooth migration.

Free system configuration possible with the same flexibility as a public cloud
(flexible server resources)

Systems can be configured with flexibility because licenses can be obtained in minimum resource units of "1 vCPU/4 GB memory" from the virtual resource pool, rather than in server units. Moreover, even though it is a hosted private cloud, the hypervisor is managed by IIJ, which can significantly reduce operational loads.

High expandability through integration with IIJ services

Through integration with IIJ's various services, a highly expandable system environment can be realized. These services include various managed services that provide the necessary components for corporate IT environments, such as file servers, Active Directory, and databases, and network services that provide closed connections to other companies' public clouds.

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