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Microsoft 365 with IIJ

About the Service Overview

Microsoft 365 with IIJ provides an extra layer of email security with Microsoft 365. With this service, you get Microsoft 365 at the normal price but with stronger security.

Service Features

Enhanced Microsoft 365 Security for the Same Price

Microsoft 365 is enhanced with IIJ's own email security features. The security features such as erroneous transmission protection (encryption of attachments, etc.) and double protection against viruses and spam can be supported at the original price of Microsoft 365.

Extensive Security Options for Easy Expansion

We also offer many other security features that can work together with Microsoft 365, such as sandboxing, email auditing, email archiving, and more.

Current Microsoft 365 Subscriptions Are Transferable

Microsoft 365 licenses provided by IIJ are transferable so you can keep existing address books and email data.

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