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IIJ OEM Platform Service for Mail

About the Service Overview

The IIJ OEM Platform Service for Mail provides a flexible email platform for providers of email services to consumers.

Service Features

Highly Reliable Email Service at Low Cost

With our extensive experience in providing consumer and corporate email services, we are able to provide a highly reliable, high-capacity email platform at low cost. This helps reduce operational load. This service includes many features such as virus and spam protection, large-capacity mailboxes, and IMAP/Web email support.

Smooth Migrations without Having to Change Email Client Configurations

With the authentication ID conversion and service features configured under our internal server names, smooth system migrations are easy without having to change user email client configurations. This reduces significant support costs typically associated with migrations.

Flexible Service and Customer Management Functionality Designed for OEM Use

We provide APIs to enable online configuration management including adding and changing email addresses. You can easily link this service with your existing equipment for more flexibility, such as management of multiple domains and adding functionality.

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