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IIJ Managed VPN Pro Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Managed VPN Pro Service provides optimal network configurations ranging from distribution networks connecting stores to enterprise networks connecting all domestic branch offices.

Service Features

Full Management from Configuration and Buildout to Operations

Our expert network engineers will build the network configuration optimal to your purposes and needs. We provide total support from configuration to 24/7 operation monitoring and incident response.

Flexible Design in Accordance with Desired Cost and Availability

We provide several network configuration options including a simple one-device, one-connection configuration to redundant two-device, two-connection structure. We offer flexible network design to fit your cost and other requirements, such as equipment installed only at core locations or redundant configurations.

Carrier-Neutral, Freely Configurable Network Design

We support multi-carrier, redundant configurations such as using FLET'S for the main connection and Arteria as the backup, for example. Service configurations can also be combined with Internet VPN and Ethernet WAN backup configurations, or with IIJ mobile services.

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