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IIJ Multi Product Controller Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Multi Product Controller Service is a service that provides the structure to centrally manage a variety of products including the IIJ’s “SEIL series” high-performance router, from a remote location. We can help optimize all of the parts necessary for our customers’ networks, such as the initial settings, equipment installation, setting changes, monitoring, management, and operation maintenance.

Service Features

Flexible network design and easy deployment

We provide high-performance routers in the “SEIL series” and “SA-W series” as service adapters Can be used for site-to-site VPNs, remote access, and various other applications. With automatic configuration generation through command line templates, even a configuration involving large quantities of equipment installations such as a multi-site VPN can be deployed accurately and quickly.

No need for installation or settings configuration by on-site engineers

Once the cables are connected and the power is turned on, service adapters retrieve the settings automatically. Deployment is simple enough that anyone can do it, so installation and configuration of the settings by on-site engineers are unnecessary. Deployment costs are reduced by about 90%.
Furthermore, settings information is cleared when the power is turned off. Because the latest configuration data is retrieved from the cloud upon startup, even when lines are changed in conjunction with site relocation or parts are broken and replaced, the only thing you have to do on-site is to connect.

Dynamic VPN that supports mobile connection and an IPv6 IPoE environment

An IPsec VPN that automatically follows changes (floating link) can be configured, even if both ends of the VPN have dynamic IP addresses or partially static IPv6 addresses.
To avoid congestion on the FLET’S access line, an IPv6 IPoE connection can create an agreeable WAN environment.

An abundance of operation management tools provided as standard

We provide equipment monitoring, notification emails, batch setting changes, upgrades, and a variety of other operation functions.
You can also check out the traffic, CPU, memory, and many other statuses and logs in real time.

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