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IIJ Mobile Private Gateway Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Mobile Private Gateway Service is a cloud-based gateway service that offers secure mobile communications with a closed network connection instead of with a mobile connection.

Service Features

Privacy Network

We provide a private network, separate from the Internet, that supports over hundreds and thousands of mobile devices. Because IIJ mobile devices are assigned private IP addresses, you can manage them as devices within your network.

Select from an Array of Mobile Connection Services

IIJ's selection of mobile connection services includes "IIJ Mobile Service/Type I" (NTT DOCOMO's full MVNO), "IIJ Mobile Service/Type D" (NTT DOCOMO), "IIJ Mobile Service/Type K" (KDDI), and the "IIJ Mobile M2M Access Service." Combine your choice with whichever plan that fits your budget. Mixed multi-carrier use is also available.

Cloud-Based Gateway

Because this service is built out on the IIJ Backbone, you can use the gateway without having to worry about scaling in or scaling out your system.

On-Premise Environment/Variety of Cloud Connections

You can connect from your on-site network to a variety of cloud services, such as the IIJ cloud service "IIJ GIO," Microsoft Azure, AWS, and GCP via the IIJ Closed Network.

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