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IIJ Media Communication Solution

About the Service Overview

Utilizing IIJ's network experience gained from being Japan's largest backbone and ISP, the IIJ Media Communication Solution provides optimized video transfer, aggregation, and delivery.

Service Features

Secure and Stable Video Transfer and Aggregation through Closed Connections

Closed IIJ GIO, AWS, and Azure connections ensure a secure and stable communication environment for video transfer and aggregation.

Build Low-cost, Low-latency Video Transfer Networks

Build low-cost, low-latency video transfer networks using FLET'S HIKARI NEXT IPv6 IPoE connections and the IIJ SMF sx Service.

Easily Transfer and Aggregate Video Streams

Through the IIJ SMF sx Service, the management server can be accessed simply by connecting a cable to the service adapter (provided equipment) and turning on the power. This enables settings to be configured and services to be monitored easily so that content can be transferred and aggregated easily.

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