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IIJ LoRaWAN(R) Solution

About the Solution Overview

The IIJ LoRaWAN® Solution is an IoT solution that uses the LoRaWAN® wireless communication method, whose benefits include low power consumption and long-range communications. The use of LoRaWAN® curbs communication costs and allows the visualization of various sensor data.

Solution Features

Provision of gateways jointly developed by Kiwi Technology and IIJ

IIJ provides gateways developed by IIJ in collaboration with Kiwi Technology. These gateways implement proprietary functions such as a built-in server and SACM to enable easier LoRaWAN® implementation.

Easy introduction of wireless networks that enable long-range communications

LoRaWAN® uses unlicensed bands that do not require a license for equipment installation and have a radio wave range of up to several kilometers. It allows easy buildout of wireless networks in both outdoor and indoor environments.

Reduced device and communication costs

Some sensor devices have batteries that run for several years, eliminating the need for power supply installation and saving battery replacement labor and cost.
In addition, there is no communication cost per sensor device. Communication costs can be significantly reduced at sites where a large number of sensors are installed.

Can be used in a wide range of fields owing to open wireless communication standard

Products that comply with LoRaWAN®, which is an international open wireless communication standard, can be interconnected even if the device manufacturers are different. Sensors can be selected and connected as suitable for various applications, including agriculture, food safety control (HACCP), production line operation monitoring, and smart buildings.

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