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IIJ Managed IPS/IDS Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Managed IPS/IDS Service detects and blocks unauthorized access to your systems. Robust security through proactive defense against Internet threats.

Service Features

Proactive Detection and Blocking of Unauthorized Network Communication

After we install the IPS/IDS equipment into your network, our security engineers monitor communication 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. We proactively detect and block external attacks and intrusions to protect your servers and networks.

Proprietary IIJ Signatures Provide Protection Against the Latest Threats

We create our own signatures based on collected information to react quickly to and provide protection from attacks we determine to require emergency response as well as attacks that cannot be detected by standard signatures from providers.

Full Support Available from Equipment Installation to Configuration, Operations, Monitoring, and Technical Support

We provide full support for this service including initial consultation, installation of IPS/IDS equipment, configuration, operations, monitoring, and technical support. This significantly reduces your operational load.

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